Tuesday, 2 May 2017

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Bognor Regis is a child-friendly city

FROM THE PARTNERSHIP: A club offers events for young people / This week's music and a photo competition.
WEIL AM RHEIN (BZ). Bognorphenia has a simple motto: "We love Bognor Regis". Jim Clevett, in his latest letter from Bognor Regis, describes what can be the result of this confession. 
Dear Friends in Weil, 
About the amazing club "Bognorphenia" I had already reported. Its members love Bognor Regis, want to look after young people and many great events in the city and collect donations for aid projects. And they do so too. This weekend, for example, the "Our Generation Young People's Day," which started live concert at the Waverley Pub last night, and today presents live music and comedians from 10 am to 6 pm at Hotham Park on a stage. In the evenings, the club club continues with a DJ party. Bognorphenia wants to attract young people not only as an audience but also as co-organizers. And so many young and young people had followed the call and made this event a great event. 

Coordinator was the 15 year old Peter Reavey, official photographer becomes the ten year old JD Fitzpatrick. Kez Bridger hopes that the experience will be enough to repeat the festival every year. After all, the project was funded by € 2 200 from the town council. Kez calls the project a huge challenge. But the idea is based on continuity. "We wanted the young people not for a project, but for a long-time proven goal." The citizens' foundation of Bognor has chosen a photo prize. The adult category has already found its winners, the junior category will be announced today in Hotham Park. 

After hundreds of inputs, it became clear that especially the sea, the beach, the perception of the weather moods attracted the photographers. The winner was Mateusz Kuzminski, who shot the "Bandstand", a music pavilion on the beach, at sunset. A bicycle on the pebbly beach inspired the second, Jeffrey Ballard, while the third, Andrzej Sroda, took a shot of the pier. 

The operator of the Picturedrom cinema, which wants to accommodate modern technology in the listed building, is also promoted. After disputes in the municipal council, the majority opted for additional funding, as the costs are higher than planned. 

The theater evening of the "Regis School" with dance, theater and music, which was initiated by a great film by Tim Hills, in which all the events, art projects or demonstrations of the school were compiled in an inspiring film, showed how creative young people can be . The next project is under the title "School of Rock" in July. 

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