Thursday, 21 January 2021

Bognorphenia 2021 News

 Bognorphenia has for the last 6 months during covid 19 have been away in the background still trying to keep Bognorphenia and the Music Project going to support young people in the hardest time we have ever experienced. 

This is a crucial time to work together to support each other even though it is not face to face as there are so many important groups that need to survive and Bognorphenia hope to do their bit where  possible. 

THE GOOD NEWS IS that the Music Project is now on You Tube  providing free tuition that is being updated continually with a variety of instruments and there is still more to come. 

The Outcomes we are hoping to achieve is  

  • Reaching young people through engagement on line 
  • Providing an opportunity for free lessons 
  • Continued work with other community groups 
  • Delivering an effective Project 
  • Provision of one to one mentoring   
Bognorphenia are staying positive that we will continue supporting the community so please always contact us. STAY SAFE