Friday, 19 August 2016

NCS Grandads Front Room & Bognorphenia Observer working together

Observer 39 Club

Dawn Gracie - It seems i overstepped my word count this week in my column and got cut a little short! Here's the full article... I’ve had the pleasure of meeting so many amazing people in the events industry and one lady of particular note is Bognor’s very own Kez Bridger who filled me in on the latest news. ’Bognorphenia is a fun, vibrant and non profit company that support the community, young people, children and families by providing live music events of all genres, celebrating past present and future. These fundraising events are able to provide vital funds for children’s workshops and any other local projects who need a boost. We are passionate about supporting young people and Tyler is an inspirational young man who in 2010 aged 12, started suffering from headaches and sickness. He was sadly diagnosed with a brain tumour and struggled through six operations and still receiving treatment to this day. However the remarkable thing about Tyler is his commitment to other patients in the many hospitals he frequents’ Kez told me how Tyler would buy small gifts for other patients and it was the response he got which led to Tylers Trust being set up to continue this selfless work of giving support to those in times of trouble. Bognorphenia are holding a live music event at the Regis Football Club on 18th September during Children’s Cancer Awareness Week. Tickets £6 Kids Free. For more information