Friday, 6 October 2017

Hi my name is Kez I founded Bognorphenia as a non profit company 4 years ago to bring something different to the town. We are all about supporting families young people and children and the community. We hold live music events to raise money for a event called Our Generation Young People’s day which support skill sharing, a platform for young performances and children workshops. Bognorphenia are a vintage annual event also and we are part of the vintage scene but we promote Past Present and Future and support any other event or charities by volunteering or provide fundraisers for others. We are a mixed bag of fun but we invest in our young people by supporting them how ever is needed they are our future.

please share this page we would appreciate more support

Young Photographers 11+  Picture from LIL DUDE PHOTOGRAPY
                                                        WORKSHOPS PROVIDED FOR FREE
                                                              OUR INFORMATION
                                                 YOUNG PEOPLE DESIGNING MEDIA
                                              LIVE MUSIC EVENTS TO RAISE MONEY
                                                  YOUNG MUSICIANS PERFORMANCES
                                                    WORKING WITH OTHER PROJECTS