Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Good afternoon Bognorphenia Friends Tylers Trust Fundraiser raised £900, Including the gift value and overnight bags, Raffle, guess how many sweets in the jar it was a good afternoon. Thank you to the Bognor Observer for the pictures, cash donation of £50 thank you to the Fitzgerald family and £100 Chris Allwood Thank you to The Rox AND NRG for sponsoring the band, Sam Beattie for the yum food, Nicole Scott-cannon Nathan Agate Kev Roberts Mad Max for joining us. The artists FSW supporting the young people we had great fun designing hats, frisbys, play doh table and design a Bandanna. . Adrian Hunt Nic Tangs Dunnaway and Will Mcgregor for DJing and Seasons donating the venue and of course Bognorphenia Volunteers be lost without you. More photos to follow and a date for the winner design a Bandanna competition to be presented.

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